Effects of DV

Domestic violence is a trauma - it is sometimes referred to as an inter-personal trauma.

There can be both physical trauma when there has been physical violence and psychological trauma as a result of both physical and other kinds of abuse.

The psychological effects of domestic violence are similar to what is known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but these are normal and natural responses to the extreme stress that the victim has experienced.  If you are a domestic violence victim you have experienced and may be continuing to experience traumatic stress.  It is quite natural to have a range of responses to this.

Psychological effects of trauma

Extreme nervousness, anxiety or irritability

Flashbacks of attacks on you

Poor concentration

Loss of memory or forgetfulness

Hyper vigilance

Extreme irritability or anger sometimes over petty issues

Low self-esteem

Feeling numb or disembodied

Sleep disorders or nightmares

Social isolation and feelings of helplessness

Avoidance of reminders of the abuse

Thoughts of suicide

Physical effects of trauma


Cuts and stab wounds

Burns and scalds

Broken or fractured bones

Chronic pain