Legal options

Legal options should be followed with caution as many would say that you are up against a judicial system that is used to protecting women from domestic violence but is not used to protecting men.  You need to ensure that you have a good case with good evidence. It is really important to take good legal advice.  Be prepared to meet with bias from some solicitors and barristers as well as from some judges.

"My female barrister told me that what I'd experienced was 'not really domestic violence because there were no knives or anything"

The following is an off the record remark by a magistrate -

 "I don't think men ever get treated fairly in cases of domestic violence.  They always seem to be blamed."

A solicitor can advise you about the following (but also get help and support from a mens domestic violence helpline) -

Occupation order

This is an order which decides who should live in a home after there has been violence or harassment

Non-molestation order

This is an order preventing a person from causing trouble or being violent

Prohibited steps order

This is an order forbidding someone from taking a child from your care and control

Private prosecution for harrassment

It may be possible in some circumstances to bring a private prosecution for harassment

You can find out more about some of these options from the NCDV website