Official sources of help

Your local Police Domestic Violence Officer

You should be able to find a contact number for your local Police Domestic Violence Officer on the website of you local police force.  You can ask to speak to them in confidence to find out how they deal with reports of domestic violence.  They may also be able to point you to counselling support or other resources.

Do be aware though, that although the police are trained to be gender neutral with regard to domestic violence, the police force is made up of individuals who bring their own perceptions and prejudices to their job.  This applies in particular to front line staff rather than specialist domestic violence officers.  Many men reporting domestic violence against them say that they are then blamed for the violence themselves.

Your local doctor

Speak to your local doctor about the abuse you are experiencing.  This will help with your 'paper trail' for evidence of domestic violence and your doctor may be able to refer you to a counsellor.

Your local hospital

Hospital reports can form a vital part of the 'paper trail' if you suffer a physical injury.

Religious leaders

If you have a religious faith you may be able to talk to a religious leader but be aware that they may not have been trained to take a gender neutral approach to the matter.