'Brian' was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his partner in the neck.

Alan explains what an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate is and how he helped 'Brian' who had experienced domestic violence for three years.

 Click here  for the article and details of how to contact Alan.


"Fists and Chips"

a short radio drama by Keith Large starring Jeff Stewart and Carrie Hill

Click below to hear a short radio drama (11 minutes) that challenges stereotypes and highlights domestic violence against both men and women. It stars Jeff Stewart (PC Reg Hollis from The Bill) and Carrie Hill.  Our congratulations and thanks to Keith, Jeff and Carrie for this thought provoking drama.

Domestic violence against men

Domestic violence against men has been around for centuries but has largely been a hidden issue.  Call it domestic violence or call it domestic abuse - it isn't just women who are victims, there are abused men too.  Male victims of domestic violence are increasingly speaking out and looking for support but there are few support services for them, bias against them and little understanding of the issues they face.

The news section of this site has several examples of violent women and their male victims of domestic violence because these are dramatic stories that hit the news.  But emotional and psychological abuse are less obvious and don't make such good headlines unless they are cruel false allegations such as in The Daily Mail on 19 December 2011.

Abusive women are often able to use the bias of the Family Courts in favour of women to inflict emotional and financial abuse against men.  Mothers are often able to restrict contact and to alienate their children against their fathers.

UK Government statistics show that one in six men will be victims of domestic violence at some stage of their life. There are plenty of reasons to believe that the real numbers of men experiencing domestic violence are much higher. Why then are there so few resources available to male victims? Why is violence and abuse by women against their male partners minimised, excused and even blamed on men? This website sets out to answer these questions and to provide a resource for male victims and their friends and supporters.

Male victims of domestic abuse are the forgotten victims.

Domestic Violence as Bullying

Lets not beat about the bush.  In plain language domestic violence is bullying and both men and women can be bullies.  Bullying can be defined as a 'systematic abuse of power'.  Men tend to use more physical aggression and women tend to use more relational aggression.  Both can have a devastating effect on their victim.


Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender

DAVRO is an acronym used by Dr Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD of the University of Oregon to describe the steps in victim blaming by offenders.  Women can be particulary adept at this and can often convincingly portray themselves as victims to the police and courts, sometimes using tears to help in the manipulation.

Read more about it on the Shrink4Men website

Why don't men report domestic violence?

Click here for the BBC One Show feature by Dominic Littlewood about domestic violence against men 

Visitors notice

DVmen.co.uk does not provide emergency help or support.  It provides information and resources to help better understand domestic violence by women and the experiences of male victims.

In an emergency you should dial 999 or contact your local Police Domestic Violence Officer.

If you need help or support for yourself or for a friend or relative consider contacting one of the helplines listed on this page.

New on website

Link to Keith's Blog - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse www.keithsstory.co.uk/



Rise in convictions for violence against women

23/07/2012 06:53
BBC News 23-07-2012 One third of victims of domestic violence ignored.  In this news item Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosections, explains that women victims of domestic violence "fear that the environment and circumstances in which she might report will not be supportive" and...

Controlling partners should face court, says think tank

21/07/2012 00:09
The Telegraph 21-07-2012

Women will get right to ask for new boyfriends' police files under controversial Claire's Law initiative

15/07/2012 07:22
Daily Mail 15-07-2012 "both women and men will be able to ask police whether a new or existing partner with whom they have an ‘intimate’ relationship has a violent past"

Thai woman who beat pensioner lover, 77, to death with a hammer when he changed his will to leave her everything is jailed for life

13/07/2012 08:05
Daily Mail 12-07-2012

Jealous wife stabbed husband after sex because she thought he had married someone else

09/07/2012 08:17
Daily Mail 09-07-2012

Police extend Domestic Violence Protection Orders

02/07/2012 06:08
BBC News 02-7-2012

Children from violent homes 'more likely' to hurt others

31/05/2012 22:13
BBC News 31-05-2011 Research by the NSPCC suggests that "the impact of family violence on children's behaviour and education is immense"

Domestic abuse problem has remained hidden for too long

31/05/2012 11:11
This Is Nottingham 31-05-2012

Indie rockers The Longsands' latest music video features scenes of domestic violence against men

27/05/2012 13:48
Sky - Tyne and Wear 27-05-2012

Husband relives horror of moment petite blonde wife plunged knife into him after years of domestic abuse

14/05/2012 11:01
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Perfect, Petite Blonde Beauty... The Abusive Wife Who Left Me To Die

13/05/2012 07:11
Daily Star 13-05-2012
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