The Enemy Within Report

26/03/2012 11:47

 The Enemy Within Report from 4Children  This report of 55 pages in length correctly identifies that about a third of domestic violence victims are men but then only manges a couple of sentences about them in the whole report.  It suggests that about 950,000 children are living with women who experienced family violence, so presumably there are also hundreds of thousands of children living in families in which the mother perpetrates domestic violence but it does not attempt to quantify or evealuate this.  The most common reason given by men for staying with abusive women is for the sake of their children.  Given the way that the family courts operate, their fathers face stark choices -

  • they can keep their heads down and take the abuse so that they can be there for their children
  • they can leave and try to slug it out in the Family Courts knowing that the system is stacked against them
  • they can leave and walk away to be thought of as feckless fathers by both their children and by society

It is sad that the writers of this report choose to ignore these children.